Shane Cleer -Founder/Investigator

I am from Bartonville IL. my goal as a paranormal investigator is to prove to the skeptics out their that there are unseen forces out their and some answers that need to be solved for the clients.

Chris Fuller - Lead investigator/Investigator

I am from the small town of Eureka IL. I have experienced the paranormal since I was a little kid. My goal as an investigator is to gather as much evidence as I can for the client and for the teams record.

Lesley - Empath/Medium

I have been communicating with spirits in various forms since I was a child, and have worked as a paranormal investigator for about 10 years. I am Christian but I find truth and light in many paths, and have studied many religions. I have specialized in negative and or demonic hauntings for about 3 years now, but have had experienced with these entities since I was a child, and my ultimate goal is to provide support and assistance to families and individuals in need of spiritual assistance or guidance. I have a bachelors degree in psychology and am currently a graduate student working on my masters in marriage and family therapy.

Ally Prokuski- Investigator

Ally feels a call to service. She is dedicated to helping families and children in need. Ally just recently began to develop her abilities as a sensitive. She has experienced with severe paranormal cases and demonic oppression. She attends the Episcopal Church, and is passionate about her family and children.

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