C.I.G.H Equipment List

DVR-2644S - 4-Camera H.264 Standalone DVR with Internet Viewing

This DVR system allows CIGH to record video of 4 different regions within an investigation location while monitoring the cameras from home base. Featuring the ability to review recorded video while continuing to record live, this is an invaluable piece of equipment for the team.



ES-804-CCD - Hi-Res Outdoor Infrared IR Color Security Camera with Sony CCD Image Sensor (x4)

These 4 high quality IR (infrared) cameras are perfect for use with the above DVR. By attaching simple video and power cables between the cameras and the DVR system, CIGH is able to monitor and record investigations in the day or in pitch black conditions.
Sony DCR-SR80 Handycam w/ Nightshot Plus

Featuring a 60 gb hard drive, the DCR-SR80 Handycam from Sony allows investigators to have a carry-along video monitor during investigations. With Nightshot Plus capability, the camera functions perfect during the day and effectively in pitch-black conditions. Especially helpful is the addition of the Sony HVL-HIRL IR Light


Sony ICD-P520 Audio Recorder / Sony ICD-U70 Audio Recorder

This compact recorder is great for investigators to carry along with them when conducting investigations. It's ease of use and small size make this ideal for active investigations. The sound is clear as a bell and it connects to any computer to instantly move data to the computer for audio review and enhancement.


KII EMF Meter (x2)

The KII (K2) EMF meter is used both prior to active investigations as well as during the investigation. It can be used to measure Electromagnetic Fields in a location and it's theorized that with it's unshielded EMF detection, that this device may make communication with spirits possible. CIGH does not confirm nor deny this claim as testing continues and new information is always available about the KII.


Mel-8704 2-Axis EMF Meter/Temperature Gauge (x2)

The Mel Meter is the first EMF meter designed for paranormal investigations and it's a huge asset to the team. Featuring a well lit LCD display, the Mel not only measures electromagnetic fields but also measures ambient temperature changes. Similar to the above, it is believed that this device may make communication with spirits possible, but CIGH is unable to confirm or deny this claim.


Craftsman 1400 IR Thermometer w/laser & ambient temp probe

  CIGH uses this thermometer to gather both base temperature readings as well as fluctuations in temperature during investigations. It is theorized that the presence of spirits may effect the surrounding temperature so by monitoring temperature it is believed that an investigator may be able to detect spiritual presence.



EMF-822A EMF Detector

This simple EMF meter allows our investigators the ability to gather accurate baseline readings while noting fluctuations from baselines before, during and after investigations. Lightweight and compact, this device is perfect for carrying along and receiving accurate data.



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